Music Lessons starting at $15/hour.


Zero to Hero group piano class

$15/hour — This class can double the progress of a piano student by giving me more time to correct errors and to explain concepts. This is no ordinary group lesson. There are 4 keyboards with headsets so no one is pressured into playing music they aren’t comfortable with in front of others. If you are looking for serious results at a great price, start here.

Private Piano lessons

$20/30 minutes — Looking for a traditional piano lesson? This option is for you. Meet with me for a 30 minute lesson to cover everything you need to know when it comes to piano. Each student will learn music from the masters as well as music of today in addition to their Piano Adventures Method books.

In Home Piano Lessons

$20/30 minutes plus drive time — Looking for me to come to you? A traditional piano lesson including everything from the masters to today in the comfort of your home. Price will depend on how far the drive is but we can make this work! 

Group woodwind or brass class

$15/hour — Learn from band method books and progressive duets that teach each student to think and play for themselves. This option is less flexible, so ask about scheduling. Bringing a friend is helpful!

Private Woodwind or Brass lessons

$20/30 minutes — Wanting to learn the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or something else? I have taught these instruments to beginners for 8 years. I can help you progress faster than a normal music teacher by giving you the essential knowledge and techniques for your skill level.

In Home Woodwind or Brass Lessons

$20/30 minutes plus drive time — Looking for me to come to you for a trumpet lesson (or other instrument)? We will cover everything you need to know about your woodwind or brass instrument and get you ready to place in honor bands.